Turtleback Farm is located on a 22 acre historic farm nestled along the Nissequogue River in Smithtown NY. Farming within a biologically diverse area, native flora and fauna are encouraged on the farm. Goals include creating a self-sufficient farm model and growing nutrient-dense food. We use compost, manure, minerals, and cover crops to maintain and encourage healthy soils.

We currently raise heritage breeds of livestock on pasture including pigs, Shetland sheep and multiple heritage breeds of dual-purpose chickens. The laying hens are fed locally grown certified organic grains, supplemental to natural forage, milled on the farm. Raw wool, eggs, organically grown vegetables, and meat can be purchased from the farm or at a local farmers market.

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Got Chickens? If you are interested in introducing chickens to your farm operation, community garden, or yard, Jennifer is available for workshops and consultations. Feel free to contact her with questions.